This is a comprehensive online course about canine nutrition and balanced diet formulation for adult dogs. The course is designed for people who want to learn how to correctly build a balanced diet using scientific evidence and formulations.

Registration closes on November 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Orientation opens November 1, 2019 • Class starts November 4, 2019

Balanced Diet Formulation for Adult Dogs is a nine weeks accredited certificate course.

What you'll Learn

Feeding Biology and the Canine Digestive System

In order to create a highly-digestible diet for your dog, it is important to learn about and understand the anatomy of their digestive system and the digestion and absorption processes.

Functions, Sources, Classes, and Metabolism of Macronutrients

Become versed in the dietary macronutrient needs of canines by learning about protein and amino acids, fat and fatty acids, and digestible and non digestible carbohydrates. Learn the appropriate sources, how they're classed, and about the unique aspects of nutrient metabolism in dogs.

Characteristics, Classes, Functions, and Sources of Micronutrients

There is little room for error when it comes to micronutrients. Ensuring you have a strong handle on what the general characteristics are of vitamins and minerals, what their primary functions are, and dietary sources for them, is critical.

Measuring the Metabolizable Energy Content of Foods

An understanding of food energy is the foundation for canine diet formulation. Learn how to correctly estimate the metabolizable energy (ME) of the ingredients commonly used in homemade diets for dogs.

Allometry of Canine Energy Requirements

A mastery of the factors and equations that properly determine a dog's metabolizable energy requirements (MER) is a fundamental component of accurate diet formulation. It is key to know the different power functions and how to appropriately decide which factors and equations to apply to your dog.

Functional Ingredients

The inclusion of functional ingredients in a dog's diet is to provide health + wellness support to the body's organs or systems that are beyond the provisions of essential nutrients. The NRC describes some of these ingredients as nutrients classed elsewhere, while others do not fit established classes. Learning about functional target areas and sources are part of formulating a well rounded diet.

Complete + Balanced Diet

Taking all of the information learned during the course, you'll be able to create a complete + balanced diet for a typical adult dog.