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Puppy Owner Workshop

Learn the what, the when, and the how-to feed your puppy for proper growth. This automated workshop gives you the information & tools to confidently make it happen. The puppy owner toolkit includes a customized feeding system that helps you support your specific puppy for optimal growth.

Adult Dog Owner Workshop

The adult dog owner workshop is an automated workshop that will teach you about the nutrition needs of typical adult dogs and how to build bowls that provide your dog with what it needs to live its best life. The adult dog owner toolkit includes a customized feeding system specific to your adult dog.

Staff Nutrition Training

There is no room for error when it comes to ensuring your customers are getting all of their questions answered correctly. This training program will give your staff a strong handle on the ins & outs of DIY raw feeding & the skills they need to expertly recommend DIY components and commercial raw products offered in your shop. Successful students earn a certificate of completion in raw diet and canine nutrition.

The Canine Nutrition Professional Certificate Program (CNP™)

This is a canine nutrition mastery & business building professional level program. You will learn about canine nutrition that applies to raw feeding and diet formulation for typical adult dogs and healthy puppies & how to build & operate your own online canine nutrition business. This comprehensive program will arm you with education, pro tools, my systems, tips, mindset, and best practices that I’ve used for years. Students earn their certified CNP™ designation upon successful completion.