Protected: Feeding Puppies for Proper Growth

Module 1 Week One
Lesson 1 The Basics of a Growing Puppy's Energy Needs (Module Overview)  
Lesson 2 A Puppy’s Daily Energy Requirements (DER)  
Lesson 3 Energy Requirements For Different Phases of Growth Stage  
Lesson 4 Growth Stage Phases and Growth Curve Charting   
Lesson 5 Small & Medium Breed Puppies  
Lesson 6 Large & Extra-Large Breed Puppies  
Lesson 7 Puppy Bio-Math Equations  
Lesson 8 Highly Critical Notes About Feeding Puppies  
Module 2 Week Two
Lesson 1 NRC Macronutrient Requirements for Growth • Module Overview  
Lesson 2 Understanding What the NRC Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats Book Is  
Lesson 3 Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Nutrient Concentrations  
Lesson 4 Three Different Types of Nutrient Math & Which One Applies to Raw Feeding  
Lesson 5 Bioavailability & Absorption Notes  
Lesson 6 Introduction to Macronutrients  
Lesson 7 Protein and Amino Acids  
Lesson 8 Dietary Fats and Fatty Acids  
Lesson 9 Carbohydrates  
Lesson 10 Dietary Fiber and Puppies  
Module 3 Week Three
Lesson 1 Module Three Overview  
Lesson 2 Introduction to Essential Micronutrients: Vitamins  
Lesson 3 What are Fat Soluble Vitamins  
Lesson 4 Vitamin A  
Lesson 5 Vitamin D  
Lesson 6 Vitamin E  
Lesson 7 Vitamin K  
Lesson 8 What are Water Soluble Vitamins  
Lesson 9 Vitamin B1- Thiamine  
Lesson 10 Vitamin B2-Riboflavin  
Lesson 11 Vitamin B3- Niacin  
Lesson 12 Vitamin B5-Pantothenic Acid  
Lesson 13 Vitamin B6-Pyridoxine  
Lesson 14 Vitamin B7-Biotin  
Lesson 15 Vitamin B9- Folic Acid  
Lesson 16 Vitamin B12- Cobalamin  
Lesson 17 Choline  
Lesson 18 Vitamin C- Ascorbic Acid  
Lesson 19 Introduction to Essential Macrominerals & Microminerals/Trace Minerals  
Lesson 20 Calcium and Phosphorus  
Lesson 21 Magnesium  
Lesson 22 Sodium  
Lesson 23 Potassium  
Lesson 24 Chloride  
Lesson 25 Iron  
Lesson 26 Copper  
Lesson 27 Zinc  
Lesson 28 Manganese  
Lesson 29 Selenium  
Lesson 30 Iodine  
Module 4 Week Four
Lesson 1 Bioavailable Sources Of Essential Nutrients: Whole Foods and Manufactured Supplements  
Module 5 Week Five
Lesson 1 How To Easily Build Bowls & Guidance On What Will Work Best For Your Puppy’s Particular Needs  
Module 6 Week Six
Lesson 1 Using your Puppy Owner's Toolkit & Workshop Review Q&A