Raw Feeding and Canine Nutrition Course for Adult Dog Owners

Module 1 Introduction to the Canine Digestive Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 1 Canine Digestive Anatomy & Physiology Terms Glossary
Lesson 2 Alimentary System Overview – Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 3 Gut Health & Digestive Enzymes Reading
Module 2 Water
Lesson 1 Water
Module 3 Macronutrients for Adult Dogs: Protein and Amino Acids, Fat and Fatty Acids, and Carbohydrates
Lesson 1 Understanding What the NRC Nutrient Requirement of Dogs and Cats Book Is
Lesson 2 Audios + Reading: Classifications of Nutrients for Dogs
Lesson 3 Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Nutrient Concentrations
Lesson 4 Absorption & Bioavailability Notes
Lesson 5 Introduction to Macronutrients
Lesson 6 Protein and Amino Acids
Lesson 7 Dietary Fats and Fatty Acids
Lesson 8 Carbohydrates
Module 4 Dietary Fiber
Lesson 1 Dietary Fiber
Module 5 A Deep Dive Into Essential Vitamins and Foods That Provide Them
Lesson 1 What are Fat Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 2 Vitamin A
Lesson 3 Vitamin D
Lesson 4 Vitamin E
Lesson 5 Vitamin E Education and Today’s Dogs
Lesson 6 Vitamin K
Lesson 7 What are Water Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 8 Vitamin B1/Thiamine
Lesson 9 B2/Riboflavin
Lesson 10 B3/Niacin
Lesson 11 Vitamin B5/Pantothenic Acid
Lesson 12 Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine
Lesson 13 Vitamin B7/Biotin
Lesson 14 Vitamin B9/Folic Acid
Lesson 15 Vitamin B12/Cobalamin
Lesson 16 Choline
Lesson 17 Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid
Module 6 Digging Into Essential Minerals and Trace Minerals and Foods That Provide Them
Lesson 1 Introduction to Essential Macrominerals & Microminerals/Trace Minerals
Lesson 2 Calcium and Phosphorus
Lesson 3 Magnesium
Lesson 4 Sodium
Lesson 5 Potassium
Lesson 6 Chloride
Lesson 7 Iron
Lesson 8 Copper
Lesson 9 Zinc
Lesson 10 Manganese
Lesson 11 Iodine
Lesson 12 Selenium
Module 7 The Basics Of an Adult Dog’s Energy Needs and the Correct Math to Use for Raw Feeding and Cooked Diets
Lesson 1 What is Energy
Lesson 2 Simplifying Calories for Easy Understanding
Lesson 3 The Three Categories of Energy Requirements
Lesson 4 Energy Density
Lesson 5 Bio-Math and Energy Factors to Determine Your Adult Dog’s Energy Needs
Lesson 6 Chronological vs Physiological Age
Lesson 7 NRC Daily Metabolizable Energy Requirements for Adult Dogs at Maintenance Table
Module 8 Establishing Nutrient Needs of Healthy Adult Dogs
Lesson 1 Different Types of Nutrient Math & Which Ones Applies to Raw and Cooked Diets
Lesson 2 Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Nutrient Concentrations for Adult Dogs
Lesson 3 NRC Nutrient Requirements of Adult Dogs at Maintenance Table
Lesson 4 Nutrient Math for Adult Dogs
Module 9 Feeding Aging Dogs
Lesson 1 Feeding Aging Dogs: How to Know When Your Dog is Entering Its Golden Years & What Diet/Feeding Changes You Should Make
Module 10 Adult Dog Owner Toolkit
Lesson 1 Dog Owner’s Toolkit Instruction Video
Lesson 2 Adult Dog Owner's Toolkit