Raw Feeding and Canine Nutrition Course for Adult Dog Owners

This automated, self-paced online course is a good fit for dog owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for adult dogs & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular dog's needs. The course includes 10 modules that are available for immediate access.

This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age nor pregnant/lactating dogs or puppies.

Module 1 Introduction to the Canine Digestive Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 1 Canine Digestive Anatomy & Physiology Terms Glossary
Lesson 2 Alimentary System Overview – Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 3 Gut Health & Digestive Enzymes Reading
Module 2 Water
Lesson 1 Water
Module 3 Macronutrients for Adult Dogs: Protein and Amino Acids, Fat and Fatty Acids, and Carbohydrates
Lesson 1 Understanding What the NRC Nutrient Requirement of Dogs and Cats Book Is
Lesson 2 Audios + Reading: Classifications of Nutrients for Dogs
Lesson 3 Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Nutrient Concentrations
Lesson 4 Absorption & Bioavailability Notes
Lesson 5 Introduction to Macronutrients
Lesson 6 Protein and Amino Acids
Lesson 7 Dietary Fats and Fatty Acids
Lesson 8 Carbohydrates
Module 4 Dietary Fiber
Lesson 1 Dietary Fiber
Module 5 A Deep Dive Into Essential Vitamins and Foods That Provide Them
Lesson 1 What are Fat Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 2 Vitamin A
Lesson 3 Vitamin D
Lesson 4 Vitamin E
Lesson 5 Further Vitamin E Education and Today’s Dogs
Lesson 6 Vitamin K
Lesson 7 What are Water Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 8 Vitamin B1/Thiamine
Lesson 9 B2/Riboflavin
Lesson 10 B3/Niacin
Lesson 11 Vitamin B5/Pantothenic Acid
Lesson 12 Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine
Lesson 13 Vitamin B7/Biotin
Lesson 14 Vitamin B9/Folic Acid
Lesson 15 Vitamin B12/Cobalamin
Lesson 16 Choline
Lesson 17 Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid
Module 6 Digging Into Essential Minerals and Trace Minerals and Foods That Provide Them
Lesson 1 Introduction to Essential Macrominerals & Microminerals/Trace Minerals
Lesson 2 Calcium and Phosphorus
Lesson 3 Magnesium
Lesson 4 Sodium
Lesson 5 Potassium
Lesson 6 Chloride
Lesson 7 Iron
Lesson 8 Copper
Lesson 9 Zinc
Lesson 10 Manganese
Lesson 11 Iodine
Lesson 12 Selenium
Module 7 The Basics Of an Adult Dog’s Energy Needs and the Correct Math to Use for Raw Feeding and Cooked Diets
Lesson 1 What is Energy
Lesson 2 Simplifying Calories for Easy Understanding
Lesson 3 The Three Categories of Energy Requirements
Lesson 4 Energy Density
Lesson 5 Bio-Math and Energy Factors to Determine Your Adult Dog’s Energy Needs
Lesson 6 Chronological vs Physiological Age
Lesson 7 NRC Daily Metabolizable Energy Requirements for Adult Dogs at Maintenance Table
Module 8 Establishing Nutrient Needs of Healthy Adult Dogs
Lesson 1 Different Types of Nutrient Math & Which Ones Applies to Raw and Cooked Diets
Lesson 2 Nutrient Requirements and Dietary Nutrient Concentrations for Adult Dogs
Lesson 3 NRC Nutrient Requirements of Adult Dogs at Maintenance Table
Lesson 4 Nutrient Math for Adult Dogs
Module 9 Feeding Aging Dogs
Lesson 1 Feeding Aging Dogs: How to Know When Your Dog is Entering Its Golden Years & What Diet/Feeding Changes You Should Make
Module 10 Adult Dog Owner Toolkit
Lesson 1 Dog Owner’s Toolkit Instruction Video
Lesson 2 Adult Dog Owner's Toolkit